Gwelf & Almanac Bundle

  • $45.95

Dear reader,

We have some remaining Gwelf Almanacs from our Kickstarter campaign! This book and almanac bundle is the perfect gift for anyone ready to let Larry MacDougall's Gwelf sweep them away to a land steeped in magic, mystery, and adventure.

The almanac features 12 full images and notes important dates for the inhabitants and visitors to Gwelf. Let the artwork of the book see you through 2022.   



Larry MacDougall has done that thing—created a fantasy world that is completely believable, super charming, and more than a little bit dangerous. I love it so much. I want to wander around in it but wouldn't want to get caught alone in it after dark. —Mike Mignola 

I’ve been admiring glimpses of Gwelf for years and now there’s finally a chance to visit and stay awhile! The delight in drawing and use of watercolor makes me think that if Arthur Rackham and Beatrix Potter had a son, it would have been Larry McDougall. — Peter de Sève


DETAILS: 186 pages, full colour illustrations throughout, 10 x 10” Hardcover, double fold-out map. 12-month calendar in full colour, featuring 12 images & noting dates of import in Gwelf