The Little Mermaid

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“But if you take away my voice,” said the little mermaid frantically, “what is left for me?”

Ashly Lovett brings you an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's 1830's "The Little Mermaid." The little mermaid has always yearned for the strange and exciting life of the humans. For humans have ever lasting souls and mermaids merely return to the ocean as sea foam upon their death.

After saving a human man during a storm, she soon desires his love and an eternal soul. Naive and desperate, the little mermaid turns to the banished sea witch among the world pools. The exchange to be human is high. Scared, but determined, she begins her journey to find love and an immortal soul.


"With this haunting adaptation, Ashly Lovett brings the darkest depths of the sea to life through her eerie prose and ethereal paintings, giving us a glimpse into the very soul of the Little Mermaid."

"Ashly’s haunting portraits feel like a pang of remembrance, the shudder which comes from recalling a forgotten memory at long last."
―Cory Godbey

ISBN: 9781777081744

UPDATED PUB DATE: May 18, 2021

DETAILS: 45 pages, 11 illustrations/ colour throughout, 8 x 11” Hardcover, Clothbound, Dustjacket